What Do Reglaze Specs Lens Coatings Do?


Buying glasses online, especially with prescription lenses can be a confusing and difficult job. Every company claims to have great lenses with effective coatings but how can you be sure which one to go for? Well, we like to cut through the technical jargon and show you exactly what our lenses do and how each of the coatings help you in your daily life.

Protective Coating

Every day life can be tough on glasses. It's easy to drop them on the floor, scuff them sitting down or splash food and drink on them!

This is exactly what our protective coating aids in preventing. It's a substance added during the lens coating process that makes the lenses incredibly hard wearing and resistant to every day scratches and marks.

protective lens coating
anti reflective coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

This is one of our most popular coatings as it has a drastic effect on the aesthetics of your glasses. This coating enhances brightness and stops surface reflections and glare.

If you wear glasses all the time you'll know just how important it is to be able to make full eye contact with someone instead of looking at nasty lens glare!

Easy Clean Anti-Reflective UV Coating

Much like the standard anti-reflective coating, this one gives you all the incredible benefits of a reflection free lens, but with the added bonus of them being easy clean. These lenses come with an oleophobic coating as standard, this repels dirt and makes them very easy to wipe clean. It enhances brightness and stops surface reflections but it also blocks 100% of UV light.

On top of everything else, this also includes an easy clean layer so that you can quickly wipe your glasses clean.


Blue Light Blocking Coating

All modern devices emit blue light which can be incredibly harmful to our eyes. This coating blocks that blue light as it passes through the lenses and helps reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

This coating also comes with the enhanced brightness and UV protection of the other coatings, making it essential for people who work on computers. If you want to find out more about Blue Light Blocking Lenses, click HERE.

All of these coatings are available on both our reglaze glasses service and our brand new designer and budget frames.


As always if you have any questions, you can CONTACT US to find out more!