Unboxing the Ray Ban RX5356 Prescription Glasses Frame

This stylish "Wayfarer-esque" frame is the perfect accessory for both men and women with a variety of face shapes.

Available in a variety of colours and able to take Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal lenses you can be sure that this is the perfect "all-rounder" frame.


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Reglazing and Repairing Tom Ford Glasses

When you wear them all day, every day, your glasses can become an integral part of your identity...so when you accidentally sit on them and break the lenses it can be heart-breaking!


Our Reglaze Glasses service is the solution, simply choose the new lenses you'd like online and send the frame into us. Our expert technicians will glaze the new lenses to your prescription and repair any damage to the frame. Always much cheaper than buying a new pair!

Completely Destroyed Persol Sunglasses Lenses Repaired

It's a couple of weeks before you're due to fly out to your favourite holiday destination. You reach into the drawer to find your sunglasses have been played with a little too much by the grand kids!

Fear not, we are able to provide replacement prescription sunglasses lenses in no time at all. Just select your tint colour whilst you're picking the other lens options!

Lenses For Any Frame!

Super thin lenses are our speciality, we can glaze Thin, Ultra Thin and Thinnest lenses at 25%, 35% and 50% respectively!


No matter what frame you have, this means that you can find a lens that suits you. Check out the video to the right so see some Super Thin lenses installed in a stylish pair of Diesel Glasses.


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Unboxing the Ray Ban RX7017 Glasses Frame in Matte Havana


This stunning unisex design is perfect for all day use, whether out on the town or in the office. Available in 4 equally brilliant colours, the rectangular lenses provide exceptional peripheral vision.


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Ray Ban RX5255 Frame Unboxing


Sleek lines and a universal look make the Ray Ban RX5255 Glasses Frames ideal for every day use. 


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