Replacement Glasses Lenses

Navigate from the diffrent lens choices below. Pricing is displayed at the bottom of the page.

* Single Vision Lenses Fitted to your glasses - Standard lenses which correct your vision at one focal distance
* Bifocal Lenses Fitted to your Glasses - Distance at the top of the lens and reading segment to the lower region

* Varifocal Lensed Glazed to Own Glasses - Varifocal Lenses correct your vision for Distance, Reading and Intermediate (Computer/Dashboard) and is completely blended with no segment visible

Price = Glazing Fee + Lens Type / Material (Thinner Lenses or Standard) + Any Lens Treatments or Upgrades

Glazing Fee 
Cutting and Fitting Lenses£8.00


Single Vision Lenses - Material 
Standard 1.5£10.00
1.6 Thinner 25%£37.00
1.67 Thinner 35%£62.00
1.74 Thinner 50%£92.00


Lens Treatment Options/Upgardes 
Protective Coating FREE
Anti Reflection Coating+£10.00
Blue Block Anti Reflection+£20.00
UV Protected Anti Reflection +£25.00
Reactive Lenses+£40.00
Polarised Sunglass+£40.00
Tinted Lenses with UV Protection+£10.00
Essilor Varilux Brand Lens Upgrade+£100.00
Hoya Lens Brand Upgrade+£50.00


Single Vision Fitted to Glasses

£18.00 From
  • Lenses Supplied
  • Fitted to your glasses
  • FREE Protective Coating

Bifocal Lenses Fitted to Glasses

£35.00 From
  • Bifocal Lenses Supplied
  • Fitted to your glasses
  • FREE Protective Coating

Varifocal Lenses Fitted to Glasses

£60.00 From
  • Varifocal Lenses Supplied
  • Fitted to your glasses
  • FREE Protective Coating

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