What are Single Vision Lenses?

Single Vision Lenses are the most commonly used, they have the same prescription (POWER) across the lens which is why they're called SINGLE vision. Correction of both near (MYOPIA) and farsightedness (HYPEROPIA) is corrected whilst wearing these lenses.


Astigmatism is where the natural lens or cornea has lost its shape causing focusing to become difficult. This is also corrected within the lenses alongside the near or farsightedness. Your Optician will advise on what activities you must wear glasses for.

In adults around the age of 40+ they start to lose their elasticity in their eyes, slowly losing their near focal point (PRESBYOPIA). A sign of this is holding text further away to compensate for the prescription. This is where a combination of different strength glasses are required, usually a pair of reading glasses and if needed a pair of distance.

Single Vision Separate Pairs (presbyopia prescriptions) over 40 years old
Single Vision Separate Pairs (presbyopia prescriptions) over 40 years old

Reglazing your eyewear with new lenses is as simple as replacing your lenses like for like but to your new prescription. We have a wide selection of single vision lenses and treatments to choose from, visit our reglaze page for a free, no obligation quote.

Reglaze Glasses Process
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