Reglaze Reactive Lenses

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Reglazing your favourite Sunglasses has never been easier! It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

1) Choose your frame type, select your lenses and checkout.

2) Send the frame to us in the post.

3) As soon as they arrive, our expert technicians reglaze them and post them back to you.

With Reglaze Specs, it's faster, easier and much cheaper than the high street!

Technical Jargon explained;

  • Single Vision = Standard lenses for those under 40 years of age OR for those who have separate pairs for reading and distance (presbyopia)
  • Flat Top Bifocal = Visible reading segment on surface of lens.
  • Office Lenses = Completely blended lenses correcting vision at reading and intermediate distances (computer use).
  • Varifocal = Completely blended lenses correcting vision at reading, intermediate and distance.
  • Premium Varifocal = All the same features as Varifocal lenses, plus enhanced visual corridor for added comfort.
  • HOYA = Standard lenses - Amplitude. Premium lenses - Lifestyle.
  • ESSILOR = Standard lenses - Liberty. Premium lenses - Comfort Max.
  • Protective Coating = Scratch resistant coating to help protect the surface of the lens.
  • Anti-Reflection = Enhances the amount of light that comes through the lens and reaches the back of the eye, providing clearer vision.
  • Thin Lenses = The thickness we glaze your lenses to.
  • Sunglass Colour = Select your ens sunglass colour
  • Polarised Lenses = Lenses that stabilise refracted light.
  • UV Protection = Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays to protect your eyes.
  • Blue Light Filter Coating = Blocks harmful blue light to reduce eye strain whilst using digital devices such as your phone or PC.
  • Frame MOT = General frame clean, nose pad replacement where needed and frame realignment.

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