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Single Vision lenses can be made to Distance, intermediate or reading prescriptions (We'll confirm at a later stage) Bifocal lenses are like distance lenses with a reading segment bonded to the lower portion of the lens. Varifocal lenses don't have any visible segments on the lens. This lens enables the wearer to see Distance, Intermediate and Reading by using different parts of the lens*
These lens materials will help reduce the weight and thickness of your lenses*
Reactive lenses react to UV rays to darken the lenses to sunglasses. When out of UV light the lenses will gradually return back to clear*
Protective Coating protects the lens surface* Anti Reflective Lenses enhance the amount of light passing through the lens which gives the wearer clearer vision* Blue Block Lenses reduce the amount of harmful blue light which passes from screens* Anti Reflective coating UV protects your eyes from harmful UV light* Tints are full colours which reduce the amount of light passing through the lens (colour and depth to be confirmed at a later stage)* Polarised Sunglass Lenses let light through at one axis reducing the amount of unwanted glare.
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