Our Reglazing Process - Explained

We are often asked by customers how our reglazing glasses process actually works once we receive your frames. Well, rather than just tell you, we thought we'd show you with a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly what happens behind the scenes at Reglaze Specs!

checking lens power

Phase 1 - We receive your frames and begin the process of checking the lens power and marking the prescription axis.

tracing machine

Phase 2 - The frames enter our tracing machine which carefully traces the lens shape required. This ensures that the lenses are cut perfectly.


Phase 3 - Our expert technicians position the new lenses and mark them to make sure the prescription is 100% correct when you wear put them on.

blocking the lens

Phase 4 - The lens is blocked ready to be cut.

barcode system

Phase 5 - The previously traced shapes are saved on a unique barcode system so that all of our machines can talk to each other. Lenses are now ready to be placed on to the edging machine.

right lens

Phase 6 - Right lens is inserted into machine for cutting.

left lens

Phase 7 - Left lens is inserted into machine for cutting.

completed reglazed glasses

Phase 8 - Finished lenses are fitted into the frame and are checked meticulously against your prescription to ensure clarity of vision.

So there you have it, a full guide of how we fit new lenses to your frames!


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