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April 6, 2021

How To Fix Scratched Sunglasses

How To Fix Scratched Sunglasses? Removing scratches from sunglasses and glasses lenses can be a very difficult thing to do. Maybe they got scratched in your hand bag or scuffed in the car? There are a few household items that the internet says will help remove scratches from sunglasses, so we’re here to bust some

March 9, 2021

Lens Edging

Lens Edging To Fit New Frame   If you are happy with your current lenses and prescription, but fancy a new look, we can potentially re-edge your current lenses to fit a new frame! Providing your old frame is larger than the new one, our expert technicians can take your lenses and grind them down

January 26, 2021

What is a Frame MOT and how does it work?

If you’ve had new lenses in your glasses from us before then you’ll have seen the option to have a “Frame MOT”, but what exactly does that mean? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be!    Whilst our expert technicians are working on your glasses, they also meticulously clean the frames

January 14, 2021

Anti-Glare Glasses | Anti-Reflection Lenses | Reglaze Specs

Regular glasses lenses transmit only about 91% of light to the eye. The rest is dissipated from reflections on the surface. Anti glare glasses, or lenses treated with Anti glare coatings, also known as anti reflection, reflection free, AR or MAR coatings, were developed to reduce reflections for camera lenses and have now become available

December 10, 2020

Office Lenses and Glasses | Reglaze Specs

Presbyopia begins to set in at around the age of 45, meaning that the eye gradually has more difficulty focusing. There are many solutions available to presbyopic people to correct this vision disorder.   Office glasses (also known as degressive lenses) are an amazing option for people working in front of a computer screen all