Automatically adapting to changing light, Transitions lenses, aka photochromic lenses, darken when outdoors and return back to clear when indoors.

Transitions lenses are a fantastic scientific breakthrough in eyewear, glasses & lens technology.

The lens is clear indoors and will darken and turn to sunglasses shade when outdoors – then return to clear when indoors & vice versa.

All Transitions lenses block 100% of harmful UV light that can damage your eyes over time.


The good news is – we offer the latest transitions lenses and also feature Transitions XTRActive lenses that work in the car!

transitions xtractive lenses

Transitions Xtractive Lenses

An enhancement on the regular transitions – these will also react from light to dark depending on if you are indoors or out but uniquely, they will also react behind the windscreen of your car.


Regular transitions use UV light to react, but this is blocked by a car windscreen so they cannot react whilst you are in the car and are therefore do not offer any protection whilst driving in the sun.


Transitions XTRActive use a different light spectrum to change and therefore will go dark when you are in your car and so are an ideal driving lens. They also are extra dark outdoors offering superb protection from the bright light of the sun. These are the perfect driving transitions and they can also be made in a variety of lenses such as varifocals or high index.

Replacement Reactive Lenses Online 

Our online regazing & replacement lens service is perfect for anyone who has a new prescription which requires reactive lenses.

We provide a quick and easy to use online service which is available to anyone across the UK. We offer our reglazing service for both glasses & sunglasses, if you have any questions please get in touch and we would be happy to help.


How To Buy Transitions Lenses

1. Select your preferred colour under "Reactive Lenses".

2. Add any other lens options or types you might like.

3. Add to Cart and checkout securely!

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