Polarised Lenses


Polarised lenses are a great option for anyone who spends time outdoors. If you’re working outdoors, especially when doing high-glare activities around water or snow, polarised lenses help reduce glare and provide additional clarity while keeping your eyes protected.

There are a lot of different options for protecting your eyes and polarised lenses are just one possibility. Just like protecting your skin if you’re spending hours in the sun, your eyes need protection as well.


Polarised lenses work by preventing light glare from hitting you directly in the eye. Vision happens when your eye perceives the light rays that reflect off an object. Normally, that light is scattered in some way before it enters your eye.


It’s typically bouncing off multiple angles because of an object’s uneven surface, such as skin or a rock. With smooth, flat, and highly reflective surfaces, such as water, metal, or snow, the light is much brighter. This is because it reflects directly into the eye without being scattered.


By coating polarised lenses with a special chemical, they block some of that light as it passes through them. It acts as a filter for what’s being reflected directly into your eyes.


With polarised lenses, the filter is vertical, so only some of the light can pass through the openings. Because glare is typically horizontal light, polarised lenses block this light and only allow vertical light. With the horizontal light blocked by polarised lenses, this helps eliminate glare from shining directly into your eyes.

Polarised Len Reglaze Service 


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