Office Degressive Lenses

Lenses for office-based workers with large intermediate (computer) and reading areas. This type of lens works in a similar way to Varifocals, although they don't have a distance portion. The appearance of the lens is completely smooth, with no visual segment. The benefit of this lens is its large areas and compact design.

With our office lens replacement online service, you can easily upgrade your lenses from the comfort of your own home or office. Our expert team specializes in office lenses designed to provide optimal vision and comfort for long hours of computer work. We use advanced technology and only the highest quality materials to ensure your new lenses are durable, scratch resistant, and provide clear, crisp vision.


High-Quality Office Lens Replacement

Are you experiencing discomfort and eye strain while working in your office? It could be time to upgrade your lenses with our office lens replacement services. Our online lens replacement service offers high-quality, affordable lenses that are perfect for the demands of your work environment.

Reglazing your office lenses would require your prescription to have an intermediate measurement present, which you may need to ask your optician for. Once this has been obtained, we will reglaze your frames with brand-new office lenses.

Above, you'll find many options that will enhance your comfort and vision whilst wearing your office lenses. For example, reduce harmful blue light with our blue light-blocking lenses or reduce the weight with our thin and light options. All Reglaze purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

Office Lens Replacement & Reglazing Service Online

At Reglaze Specs, we provide office lens replacement and reglazing services online, making it easier than ever to keep your glasses looking like new or help you update your prescription at a lower cost. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Select Product or Service

Step 1
To take advantage of our Complete Glasses and Reglazing Service, first of all select your frame or service, Customise Your Lenses using the button below and securely checkout online.

Send In Your Prescription Details + Frame if Reglazing

Step 2

if Reglazing post your glasses to us once you have completed step 1. If purchasing frame and lenses make sure to send or attach a copy of your prescription for your order. Please ensure your prescription is in date.

New Complete Glasses or Reglaze Returned via Post

Step 3

Our expert technicians will glaze your glasses and post via Royal Mail. We promise to be the cheapest and most honest Reglaze and Complete Glasses Service you'll find anywhere online!

FAQs about Office Lens Replacement

What are office lenses?

If you're seeking glasses that will provide improved vision for tasks such as reading, crafting, or computer work, office lenses are the solution you need. Sometimes referred to as "Task Specific" lenses, they are designed to help reduce strain on your eyes while working at a close distance.

What are the advantages of office lenses?

Office lenses are a great addition to any job that requires looking at objects in the distance, whether it be computers or conference calls. With these lenses, you can see the details even when you’re far away; adjust the lenses for both near and far vision tasks; and alleviate strain from constantly squinting and over-focusing your eyesight.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized office lens replacement options and how we can help you see clearly again.

We also offer polarised lens replacement, blue light glasses reglazing, and essilor lens replacement online services with comprehensive warranty options, so you can feel confident that your glasses will be restored to their original clarity and comfort.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

By Reglaze | April 20, 2020

Blue Light Blocking Lenses  Protect your eyes with new blue light lenses What do we mean when we say blue light blocking lenses? We are talking about the artificial light which comes from devices such as computers and smart phones. In the digital era more and more of us are complaining of headaches, this is due to using devices for long periods of time. It is this intense blue light which not only causes discomfort, but also suppresses a hormone that we need to feel tired. This lens coating can be added to all types of lenses and is a…