Lens Options for Presbyopia Prescriptions

Single Vision


A remarkably simple solution to this problem is to have two separate pairs of glasses for distance and reading. The lenses will have a constant power and you are able to adapt to them easily.


Contrastingly, however, your glasses will be easy to lose, would degrade quicker over time and wouldn't be ideal for seeing a dashboard whilst driving.


Bifocal Lenses


This unique type of lens corrects both your distance and reading prescriptions in one pair of glasses. The reading segment is positioned under your lower eye lid of each eye and you'll see a definite line on your lenses which may look unsightly (although some people like the aesthetic).


These lenses wouldn't correct your vision at intermediate length which would be anything around arms length (for example computer or dashboard).

Office Occupational Lenses


A pair of occupational lenses are for those who are generally at a desk all day. The lenses will correct your vision at Reading and intermediate but not for distance.


The lenses will be completely blended and will have a wider corridor than a varifocal as there are only two prescriptions. You wouldn't be able to walk around comfortably in these lenses as you would require a distance portion to do this. Lenses come with a non tolerance guarantee.

Standard Varifocal Lenses


The complete solution would be to have one pair of lenses which will correct your vision at every focal length, such as a varifocal. The lenses are completely blended and correct at distance, intermediate and reading. Some wearers may find some blurring towards the edges of the lens and a clear corridor to the centre of the lens.


This area is called soft focus which is in every varifocal lens. The higher your prescription and the higher your additional power will make these blurred areas more apparent. If you want to negate this effect, select a PREMIUM VARIFOCAL which is manufactured to increase focal areas and reduce distortion.

Cheap Reglaze Glasses with Hoya Lenses

Hoya Premium Lifestyle Varifocal Lenses


Hoya have always created fantastic and innovative lenses and have partnered with opticians in the UK over the past 75 years. Their Hoya Lifestyle varifocal lenses are one of the best designs on the market to date.

Essilor Varilux Premium Comfort Max Varifocal Lenses


Essilor are the worlds largest manufacturer of optical lenses. The VARILUX COMFORT was the lens which built their foundation for greatness over the years. The design has been improved with innovative technology ever since. The ESSILOR VARILUX COMFORT MAX is their 3rd generation of comfort lens and their latest to date.