Essilor Varilux Lenses

What are Essilor Lenses? Well, Essilor is one of the world's leading lens manufacturing brands, specialising in pushing the boundaries of what your eyes can achieve. They are the most premium varifocal lens option that we sell and, in our opinion, are more than worth the extra money!

Discover the Benefits of Essilor Lens Replacement

Essilor actually invented the varifocal lens in 1959 to help combat presbyopia, an eye condition that will affect each and every one of us in our later years.

Nowadays though, Essilor lenses do more than just correct your eyesight, they also protect your eye health and enhance your clarity of vision.

At Reglaze Specs, we offer Essilor reglazing online services for those who need to restore their lenses to their original condition. Our reglazing service uses only the highest quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that your Essilor lenses look and perform like new.

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Essilor Varilux Lenses are varifocal corrective lenses designed to help you see close-up, far away and everything in between with ease. While previous lenses required you to point your nose where you wanted to look, their Varilux lens series allows you to see through any part of the lens for increased comfort.

Thanks to innovation and research, modern technology has meant we at Reglaze Specs can pass on this improved design to you. Essilor Varilux premium varifocal lenses create sharp, enhanced vision that helps you see everything.

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Essilor has created 3 breakthrough technologies to enhance Varilux series lenses. Through Xtend technology, your Varilux lens is optimised for multiple near distances between 40cm-70cm for one gaze direction, reducing the need for head movement to find the sweet spot of the lens.

Nanoptix can reduce a sensation of loss of balance, by diminishing image aberration through your lenses. The Varilux series lens is re-engineered to refine its curvature, resulting in better vision stability.

Synchroneyes allows the lens to maximise vision from edge to edge, bringing all areas of the lens together in one clear image.

Essilor Lens Replacement Service Online

Reglaze Specs makes lens replacement easy with our online Essilor Lens Replacement service. We help you save money on new prescriptions and save time by not having to visit the high streets. Feel free to ask us any questions about our online reglazing service.

We also offer polarised lens replacement hoya lenses reglazing,  and blue light glasses reglazing services with comprehensive warranty options, so you can feel confident that your glasses will be restored to their original clarity and comfort.

High-Quality Essilor Lens Replacement Online for Your Favorite Lenses

Essilor Varilux premium varifocal lenses are available on all of our products, including reglazing and brand new designer and budget frames.

Our online lens replacement service is fast and convenient, with most orders processed and shipped within a few days. We also offer competitive pricing on all our products, so you can enjoy the benefits of new Essilor lenses without breaking the bank.

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