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Upgrade Your Blue Light Blocking Lenses with Our Reglazing Service

If like most people, you spend a lot of your day in-front of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, or tablets - whether for work or recreation, our blue light glasses are the best way to protect your eyes. Everyone has experienced that tiresome headache or sore eyes after prolonged exposure to digital blue light. Our team of experts has crafted blue light-blocking lenses that help to protect your eyes in a modern world surrounded by digital devices at all times. At Reglaze Specs, we advise that everyone have a pair of blue light-blocking glasses in their eye-care arsenal for day-to-day protection against all digital screens.


Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Glasses Reglazing Online

Blue light from smartphones and computers is extremely dangerous!

All modern devices with screens let off harmful blue light that can result in eye-strain, dry eyes, and headaches. Digital blue light filter lenses are the protection that you need against these dangerous rays to save your eyes.


Regular Lens vs Blue Light Filter Lens

Our normal Reglaze Specs lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, however, it is not possible to reflect all blue light with these lenses. However, the world-beating blue light filter technology in our Blue Light lenses is designed for millennials who spend a huge amount of time in-front of a digital screen.


Why is Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Preventing damage is always better than to try and cure your eyes, making digital blue light lenses the very best protection against modern device screens.
Drive a lot at night? Blue light filter lenses provide brilliant protection against dazzling high-beam headlights!

How To Buy Blue Light Lenses

1. Select Blue Light Filter Coating under "Lens Coatings."

2. Add any other lens options or types you might like.

3. Add to Cart and checkout securely!

High-Quality Blue Light Glasses Reglazing Online 

Save the cost of purchasing new frames and save time by not having to visit the high street. Our blue light glasses reglazing service is a convenient online service which can be used by anyone in the UK.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized blue light glasses reglazing options and how we can help you see clearly again.

We also offer polarised lens replacement, hoya lenses reglazing, and essilor lens replacement online services with comprehensive warranty options, so you can feel confident that your glasses will be restored to their original clarity and comfort.

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