Bifocal Lenses

These type of lenses have two prescriptions within the lens, this is where it gets its name Bifocal. The top part of the lens has a large distance section, the visible segment at the bottom is where the reading prescription is present. This lens corrects vision for those who need two separate prescriptions in their spectacles (PRESBYOPIA PRESCRIPTION).

They have a very stable prescription for the wearer with a clear line to show exactly where the reading section starts. The difference between Bifocal and Varifocal lenses is that varifocals don't have any visible segments on the surface. Varifocals also have three different focal points for the wearer. This extra focal point is what we call intermediate, which is at around arm's length (computer work).

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High-Quality Bifocal Lens Replacement Online

Reglazing your Bifocals is as simple as replacing like for like but with the newly updated prescription. If you don't have any bifocal lenses present in your glasses, we may need a picture. We'll ask for a picture so we can identify where to fit your bifocal segment so it doesn't impede your distance vision.

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FAQs about Bifocal Lens Replacement

What are bifocal lenses?

Bifocals are one of the most essential items for those with presbyopia, allowing them to see clearly at both near and far distances. These eyeglasses have two distinct optical powers to serve a dual purpose, providing sharp clarity no matter what you are looking at.

Can you drive with bifocal lenses in the UK?

Driving with bifocals is a common issue in the UK. It’s important to take into consideration how an individual’s vision can affect their ability to safely operate a vehicle. The short answer is that the DVLA generally allows individuals with bifocal lenses to drive provided they meet certain criteria.

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