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Regular glasses lenses transmit only about 91% of light to the eye. The rest is dissipated from reflections on the surface. Anti glare glasses, or lenses treated with Anti glare coatings, also known as anti reflection, reflection free, AR or MAR coatings, were developed to reduce reflections for camera lenses and have now become available for prescription glasses lenses.

A lens which has been treated with an anti-glare coating transmits 99.9% of the light which can provide benefits such as:


For Your Appearance:

Anti-reflective coatings improve the clarity of your lenses and virtually eliminate reflections others see in your prescription glasses. By having a pair of anti glare glasses, you’ll enjoy direct eye contact, unhindered by distracting reflections!

Whilst Driving:

An Anti-reflective coat can provide drivers with an increase in safety with faster recognition of potential hazards on the road, particularly at night-time. The reflection of a streetlamp or headlights on your lenses is practically eliminated.


Whilst Working:

False light in office surroundings can quickly cause eye fatigue and working on a computer can also put significant strain on the eye. Having an Anti-glare coating will protect your eyes whilst working due to the decreased glare, and therefore result in less eye strain.


For Increased Durability:

An anti-glare coating can further improve the quality and increase the lifetime of your lenses by offering greater scratch resistance, durability and a significant resistance to dirt and water.
An Anti-reflective coating can increase the quality and the value of your prescription glasses. Anti-reflective coatings can also help to reduce disturbing or annoying reflections. It will also make your lenses appear much more attractive due to the lack of reflection. You will experience much clearer, sharper and more natural vision with a brilliance that is quite simply not possible with uncoated lenses.