Office Lenses and Glasses | Reglaze Specs

Presbyopia begins to set in at around the age of 45, meaning that the eye gradually has more difficulty focusing. There are many solutions available to presbyopic people to correct this vision disorder.


Office glasses (also known as degressive lenses) are an amazing option for people working in front of a computer screen all day long. But it is also possible for them to choose progressive glasses that correct three fields of vision (near, intermediate and far) or single vision lenses. No pair of glasses is universal and everyone chooses the pair that suits them best, but for presbyopes working in an office, the most natural choice would be degressive glasses.


Just like progressive glasses, office glasses make it possible to correct near vision (30-40cm) as well as intermediate vision (60-90cm). However, they do not correct distance vision.


These lenses are adapted to make the transition from near to intermediate vision as pleasant as possible. They are perfect for presbyopes who don’t want to wear glasses all the time. They allow for an easy reading without affecting their intermediate vision (colleagues, computer…) by “image jumps”. In addition, adaptation to correction is much faster than with progressive lenses.


To make the office lenses even more efficient, it is possible to add the Blue Light Filter Coating which avoids eye fatigue due to the blue light emitted by the screens.