Reglaze Glasses Discount Code

Our Reglaze Discount Code is valid until 30th December 2021

Save an Extra 10% on Our Reglaze Service, Designer & Budget Frames. It's time to search for your favourite glasses.


This Reglaze Glasses Discount code is for a limited time only, code must be given before payment and is on purchases including an Anti Reflection Coating. This offer includes Varifocal, Bifocal, Office and Single Vision Lenses

Firstly if you wear glasses you'll know just how expensive they can be, secondly finding a pair that you love is extremely time consuming. I have a staple pair that suits me and I've been looking for others for years! Reglazing is a great option for retaining your look but high street Opticians make re-lensing super expensive. That is why an online service with the same quality lenses is the way to go.  We believe our reputation and value set us apart from any other glasses services. If you need any advice regarding pricing, lens types and treatments just get in touch by following the links below. 

The process to redeem your reglaze glasses discount code is easy. Firstly identify the lens type and price from our pricing guide, request a pack and fill in order form with REGLAZE10 to receive your discount. Don't forget to enclose a copy of your prescription so we can get to work on your specs straight away.