How to Order Glasses Lenses Online

How to order glasses lenses online?

How to order glasses lenses online

Why not reglaze your glasses with new lenses?


In this post i'll be sharing the best tips on how to save money whilst updating you glasses prescription. First of all, WHY NOT reglaze your glasses with new lenses? If you're like me, its hard to find a pair i love that complements my face shape. Why go through the long process of trying to find a another pair, if you love the pair you already have?


Ensure you have an up to date prescription from your Optician. After having your sight test the shop assistant will advise you on your options. Most high street Opticians want to make that combined frame and lens sale rather than just a lens purchase. By increasing the reglaze option it makes it less appealing to the consumer therefore increasing frame sales.

TIP 1, SAVE 50%

Using an online reglaze glasses service can save you a pretty penny. On average you could save up to 50% more than if you purchased from the high street.


Always check customer reviews from your chosen reglaze service, which in our case is Trustpilot.

TIP 3, Glasses Pupil Measurement

You will be asked to provide a pupil measurement with your order, unfortunately this information doesn't come on your prescription. If you are providing glasses that have your previous lenses in, then a technician will be able to copy your pupil measurement from your originals. An average pupil measurement can be used to complete your order.

TIP 4, Reglaze Returns Policy

Most reglaze companies have a returns policy so its worth checking this before making your purchase. You'll find most have a money back guarantee

TIP 5, Ask for a Reglaze Quote

If you have any questions regarding your prescription or lens options i would always advise to do this before sending your glasses away. Ask for a quote via email and you have provided your prescription details your price can't be altered. (Some reglaze services do have add ons for larger prescriptions and rimless glasses)

Thats our 5 tips to save money whilst updating and reglazing your glasses lenses. I hope this helps, any questions follow this link and we'll be happy to help. So, how to order glasses lenses online? Simply follow the wont regret it