Glasses Lens Replacement

We Specialise in fitting new lenses in old frames, also known as REGLAZING.

Can i Reglaze My Glasses for Less? Our professional spectacle glazing service based in the UK is up to 70% cheaper than high street Opticians.

We have lower overheads which enables us to give our clients great value. All prescriptions lenses are available for fitting. The process is quick and easy once we have received your order, but for complex prescriptions we'll advise you on a timescale. Most Single Vision lens options are in stock and can leave within 24 hours! See our short video on how to place your order.

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Glasses Reglazing Services Online

When your prescription changes or you have damage to your lenses, Reglaze Specs can help you save money by reglazing them.

Reglazing is the process of taking outdated or old glasses, removing the lenses and then replacing them with new ones inserted into your current frames.

Our online glasses reglazing service can help you save money and time. Click below to access our online shop and select your lens type.

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