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Single Vision ProductPrice
Standard + Anti Scratch Coat£25.00
Standard + Anti Reflection Coat£29.50
1.6 Thin 25% + Anti Reflection£60.00
1.67 Super Thin 35% + Anti Reflection£80.00
1.74 Ultimate Thin 50% + Anti Reflection£115.00
Tinted Lenses +£10.00
Reactive Lenses+£40.00
Polarised Lenses+£40.00


Anti Scratch Coating

 This is a protective layer which protects against small surface scratches.

Anti Reflection Coating 

This product enhances the amount of light passing through the lenses to your eyes which in return gives a clearer image.

Thin and Light Lenses 

These lens materials are thinner and lighter than standard lenses

Bifocal ProductPrice
Bifocal + Anti Scratch Coat£43.00
Bifocal + Anti Reflection Coat£55.00
Bifocal 1.6 Thin 25% + Anti Reflection £95.00
Bifocal 1.67 Thin 35% + Anti Reflection £115.00
Tinted Lenses+£10.00
Reactive Lenses+£40.00
Polarised Lenses+£40.00

Bifocal Lenses
 These lenses have a reading segment which is visible on the front of the lens

Reactive Lenses

Lenses which react to UV light (these lenses would not react in the car behind your UV protected screens)

Tinted Lenses
When a lens is tinted it reduces the amount of light which passes through the lens. The Darker the tint the less light that passes through.

Polarised Lenses
 These lenses reduce the amount of glare and reflections that you see in intense sunlight for example sunlight reflecting of water.


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Varifocal ProductPrice
Standard Varifocal£50.00
Premium Varifocal£70.00
Premium Varifocal 1.6 Thin 25% + Anti Reflection£100.00
Premium Varifocal 1.67 Thin 35% + Anti Reflection£125.00
Premium Varifocal 1.74 Thin 50% + Anti Reflection£160.00
Ultimate Varifocal £80.00
Ultimate Varifocal 1.6 Thin 25% + Anti Reflection£120.00
Ultimate Varifocal 1.67 Thin 35% + Anti Reflection£170.00
Ultimate Varifocal 1.74 Thin 50% + Anti Reflection£210.00
Tinted Lenses+£10.00
Reactive Lenses+£40.00
Polarised Lenses+£40.00

There are many brands and generations of varifocals which can complicate things. We have kept things as simple as possible by giving you the these three options.


Standard Varifocal
First generation front surface varifocals which have more soft focus (blurring) than more recent Varifocals.

Premium Varifocals
Second generation of varifocal using digital technology to manufacture the prescription on the rear surface. This adaption made the corridor wider than a standard varifocal.

Ultimate Varifocal

Third generation of varifocal which customises the front and back surface of the lens to widen the corridor and reduce distortion even further.

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